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Garlic prawns are awesome. I woke up today feeling like something awesome, so the first thing that came into my head was seafood, the second was that it must be spicy and the third was chorizo (it didn’t happen like that but that sounds cool). These are so easy to whip up it’s not funny.

Garlic Chorizo Prawns Recipe Tapas Food A Tasty Plate

Prawns, full of garlic or not, are often served up in small plates in Spain called Tapas. A bit of info for you, the word ‘Tapas’ originates from the word “Tapar” which means “to cover”. How Tapas started (or this is what I was told by a Spanish native) was that back long ago before there were air conditioners and fans in hot Spain, people at the bar would order a drink, and to protect their drink from flies, the bartender would bring out small plates of food so that the person could cover their drink, it then became a thing. Ever since, it’s free food when you order a drink from a bar in Spain! Particularly in the Tapas home town of Granada. Anyways, the weekend is near so grab a beer or a vino and have a few of these!



Music by the one and only Renz, check him out:

Garlic Chorizo Prawns
  1. 12 x fresh green prawns
  2. 3 x garlic cloves
  3. 1 x chorizo sausage
  4. Splash of dry sherry (4 or 5 tbs)
  5. Olive oil, salt & pepper
  6. Fresh chilli – optional
  1. Slice up chorizo and finely chop garlic
  2. Remove prawn heads, remove shell and de-vein, leave tail shell on
  3. Get pan on medium heat, add oil then chorizo, cook until brown
  4. Add garlic, prawns, olive oil, chilli, salt & pepper, cook for 1-2mins
  5. Add a splash of sherry
  6. Grab a beer or vino or both, sorted!
  1. Serves 2 people
Less talk, more food!