Wow, you actually came to this part of my website, well let’s get started! So now that you’re here, I won’t bore you with the little, intricate details of my life, instead, I’ll show you the transcript of a recent interview I did with nobody…

Describe yourself in three words
Traveller, foodie and an idiot at times.

Describe your cooking style?
Good, honest, simple food with not an ounce of waste.

If you had to choose your favourite meat, vegetable, spice and drink, what would they be?
Duck (thank God i didn’t mis-spell that).  She makes me cry but I love her and that’s Mrs Onion, best spice is Paprika and for my drink of choice, the one and only Amaretto sour, all day, everyday!

What makes this food site different?
That’s easy, me, just kidding.  The real answer is I’m combining my love for electronic, hip-hop-sonic and future funky beats with some awesome cooking and easy recipes which I then  place into bite sized videos to get people in the kitchen.

What’s the most important tip you give to new cooks?
If it looks good eat it, if it smells weird leave it!   No, the most important thing is to have fun, season well, experiment and let your taste buds guide you.  If you’re not tasting your food whilst cooking, I’m sorry, but you are flying blind my friend!

That was three tips, not one?
This is weird because there is no one actually interviewing me…and by the way, it was four.

Your last meal before you die?
Look, I’ll be honest, I enjoy my fine dining, lobster bisque and my foie gras parfait and I know I’m going to be hated for saying this, but you’re all thinking it, McDonalds.  I’ll have one of everything please, also that way, at least I know my death will be soon after the last bite!

Are you a professional chef?
Yes…said no one ever, but they did say, he’s just your average home cook that loves all flavours and dishes up some mighty fine food!

Will you teach people to make things from scratch?
Yes, but some of my recipes cater for modern day life, we don’t always have time to make things from scratch, but yes young padawan I will show you the way, when there is a way to be shown.

Where can I find out more about you?
Some may say that I give up lots of information when persuaded by food and alcohol, however the easiest and least expensive way would be to leave a comment or flick me some email love via the contact tab.

And finally…

Your mission?

To create a generation of home chefs by making cooking fun, easy and uncomplicated … and to prove that anyone can and should whip up a tasty plate!

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